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Towel Size: 27x27"
Package Size: 5-3/8 x 7/8 x 7-3/8"
Image Area 13 (W) x 16 (H)"
- Packaged in kraft paper window boxes with glued in clear plastic windows
- Full image label on the box back folded to the bottom spine to show the inside design
- Barcoded products
- Box top circle sticker indicated towel design

(Fabric Detail)
- Hanging loop on the corner for easy storage.
- Constructed from 100% pure premium quality cotton.
- Made for longevity and to quickly absorb the liquid.
- All towels are pre-washed and preshrunk. Lint Free Flour sack dish towels.
- Safe to clean in a machine washer and dryer.

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Australian Shepard Beagle TeaTowel Australian Shepard Bichon TeaTowel
Beagle TeaTowel (1 QT/pk)
Our Price: $18.00
Bichon TeaTowel (1 QT/pk)
Our Price: $18.00
Border Collie TeaTowel Boston Terrier TeaTowel Boxer, Fawn TeaTowel Cavalier Blenheim TeaTowel
Chihuahua TeaTowel Dachshund, Red TeaTowel Dachshund, Black TeaTowel Doodle TeaTowel
Doodle TeaTowel (1 QT/pk)
Our Price: $18.00
French Bulldog TeaTowel Golden Retriever TeaTowel Golden Retriever Puppy TeaTowel Havanese TeaTowel
Jack Russell Terrier TeaTowel Labrador, Yellow TeaTowel Labrador, Chocolate TeaTowel Labrador Puppy, Yellow TeaTowel
Labrador, Black Running TeaTowel Maltese TeaTowel Pomeranian TeaTowel Poodle, Black TeaTowel
Pug, Fawn TeaTowel Schanuzer, Floppy Ears TeaTowel Scottish Terrier TeaTowel Shepherd TeaTowel
Shih Tzu TeaTowel Welsh Corgi TeaTowel West Highland Terrier TeaTowel Yorkshire Terrier TeaTowel
Many Dogs TeaTowel Cat, Farm TeaTowel Cat, Tuxedo TeaTowel Cat, Russian Blue TeaTowel
Cat, Tabby TeaTowel Many Cats TeaTowel Humming Bird & Hibiscus TeaTowel Pig, Pink TeaTowel
Paper Russells Pet TeaTowels