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Rocket enjoys his outings! This collection captures the spirit of play. No matter how old we are, we all enjoy exploring, trying new things and having fun outdoors.
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Aquarium_FishTank Fridge Magnet Aquarium_TideSplash Fridge Magnet Gondola Riding Dog: Fridge Magnet Fridge Magnet: Flying the Universe (1 QT)
Fridge Magnet: Golfing (1 QT) Fridge Magnet: Parachute (1 QT) Fridge Magnet: Sailing (1 QT) Fridge Magnet: Skate boarding (1 QT)
Fridge Magnet: Skate Boarding Down (1 QT) Fridge Magnet: Snow boarding up (1 QT) Fridge Magnet: Sun bathing (1 QT) Greeting Card: "Another year, another fantastic ride.  Happy Birthday!"(inside)(1 card)
Greeting Card: "Dropping in to wish you a Happy Birthday!"(inside)(1 card) Greeting Card: "Happy Birthday to the best friend under the sun!" (inside)(1 card) Greeting Card: "Happy Birthday, HOT Shot" (inside)(1 card) Greeting Card: "Have a rocking BIRTHDAY!" (inside)(1 card)
Greeting Card: "I hope you "wheel" have a Happy Birthday" (inside)(1 card) Greeting Card: "I'm lucky to have a friend like you...Happy Birthday!" (inside)(1 card) Greeting Card: "Wishing you another year of fantastic sailing...Happy Birthday!"(inside)(1 card) Note Card: Snow Boarding Down (1 card)
Note Card: Snow boarding Up (1 card)
Rocket the Dog Travels...